Thursday, 11 December 2014

Why Zalora Promotion Is The Solution For You!!!

Have you ever forgotten to buy the presents you need for the ones you love especially for that special occasion that you always forget because you somehow have short term memory loss for this kind of thing?


Have you ever had your girlfriend who won’t quit nagging you to death just because you forget to buy her that specific shoe with her specific size at that specific store?

Or maybe you don’t have one because you always sit on your luxurious chair and the only thing you do is watch violent and gory movies on the internet and play scrabble with strangers you met online. (A.K.A forever alone)
~Insert Burned Images Here~

But don’t worry because we have the perfect solution for you.

Recent study shows that 80% of women likes men who shops at Zalora with them
Of course this screenshot might be forged but who cares…
(It is always true because I said there was a research made and it is on the internet now and whatnot…)

So go to Zalora now!

And go get that thing that you were supposed to get…
Or buy something nice for yourself…
Cause you look horrible…
Seriously you do…
Do spend all your savings and live homeless for the rest of your life... ~TripleWinks~


Disclaimer: This post is a promotional collaboration with Zalora Malaysia to promote their end of the year sale… Any opinions of the author which is me might be affected by the deal… I decided to do go on with it because I like their shop a lot and will gladly help them out with anything… Chow

Credits to @MysteryWoman

And @Zalora


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