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The End

So why did I come back here after years of afk-ing away mindlessly?

The basic gist is I was reading a friend's blog i just found stowed away. Reading other people blogs are fun especially the older posts, you can like recall their history somewhat. Its a really good way to get a hold of judgement on other people. So I told her I found her shit and bzaam she blocked it off and I cant read it anymore.

Not really a big problem. its their blog so there needs to be some semblance of privacy. So I went ahead and read some other blogs and realise about this one...


After what 4 years?

Weewwwwwwwwww I read through my old post and its sooo cringey and childish I almost want to delete some of them. It was sooo badddd... I cant emphasize enough how horrible it is. Its like letting a 12 year old with the vocabulary of a high school teen and ask him to rewrite Illiad.  Well there are some gems in there, apparently people want to read about the Foundation Course in Puncak Alam. So at least people try to research what they are getting into the future so good on them. There are some bittersweet moments in there too but IDK its a mixed baggage full of rotten and fresh apples.

I dont know why I stopped, probably has something to do with moving a lot back on forth to Sarawak takes a lot of toll on you. Its just 600km but damn its tough one even by flight.

Looking at some of the stats apparently some groups of people collectively typed my name specifically 'luqman fadzil' into the search engine... THX A LOT GOOGLE

Well at least there is not many content here in the blog to be scrutinized. One thing that this shitty thing actually helps me is actually writing uniquely, my own style with my own story just to separate myself from others which helps a lot if you are into literature or stuff like that because I like writing in English more than Malay.

I like to see myself that I finally outgrew that old husk of mine, and seek out a better future instead while keeping memories bad or good in my mind.

This post probably acts as the conclusion of this blog. There will be no more posts since I am lazy / busy whatever they called it. I wont delete it and just let anyone read it freely cause there probably is something good in there somewhere.

I think its finally time for this blog to finally rest itself....