Friday, 7 December 2012 2 comments

Starting the Ending of the year 2012... =)

After months and years of waiting...
School has finally ended... (duhh~~~)
I am now officially UNEMPLOYED!! (my years of wishing finally came true)
This is the best feeling I had since Toy Story 3... (i cried during that movie)

But it has been weeks since that last day...
and here am I smashing randomly on my keyboard either stalking other people's social lives (which i love to do daily)...
or getting myself killed in Dota 2... (gay... i know)
All of my friends are either getting lucky with their soul-mates =_=... (those lucky little buggers)
or working their ass up at some fast food restaurant... (one of them actually served me a big-mac.XD)

Jobs? hurm....
Should i get one? (not this again)
Maybe i should... But what? (nooo... what are you doing... STAHP!!!)
What kind of ridiculous , non-sensical , absurd , lowest of the lowest job that i can get... (Non-exaggerated)
Or maybe i can sit here in this little spacious room of mine downloading porn while drinking some goat milk... (it happened once)
Or make donations to help ants solve third-world problems.... (there is a charity organization for that)
What do you think? (what do u douchebags actually do?)

My new hope for 2013...
Save the Goats